Socialbakers a.s.

At Socialbakers, we are building a AI-powered unified digital marketing platform that helps enterprise companies around the world make their digital marketing smart. Starting from a small company with a big vision in 2008, Socialbakers has since become an international brand, expanding its business across the globe from Brazil to Australia.

Our cross-functional development teams are continuously following best integration practices to deliver solutions that solve real customer problems each sprint. We’re fast to roll out releases, but we also ensure it’s smooth every time - deployed through Mesos & Marathon. All technical challenges are solved internally and are overseen by our tech-leads who supervise the software architecture. The architecture is based on microservices running on Mesos in Docker containers. It helps us deploy, scale, and monitor our services easily. We strongly encourage ideas and innovation, which we share in our internal Tech-Talks.

Sounds good? Come join us. We’re looking for people to help with all parts of our codebase. On the frontend, we’re using React-Redux ecosystem built on leading quality UI components and with a passion for UX and performance. On the back end, to keep the clients’ satisfaction high, we’re managing hundreds of Node.js APIs and microservices with a focus on performance, stability, and scalability.

Data is the cornerstone of our business - we have a lot of it to process in real-time. On top of that, we have to react fast to the API changes of the social platforms. But we’re ready to take on challenges. Our data platform team is using Node.js services in combination with in-memory queues and storages. To further process our data, we leverage a number of databases like ElasticSearch, Hbase (+Hadoop), DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis or PostgreSQL. Ready to join our fast-paced environment? We’d love to hear from you."

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