is an online travel agency with amission to move people from any A to any B affordably and conveniently. We developed our own algorithm for finding flight tickets. We created virtual interlining; and we're combining flights, trains, buses, ride-hailing services, and even city micro-mobility in our search. 

Our company was founded in 2012 in Brno, Czech Republic, and it's still a young scale-up. The idea for building our product came directly from our CEO Oliver who realized how complicated it could sometimes be to travel smoothly and find suitable flight connections. He wanted to make a difference and make travel better; he had the vision of how to do it, and he started building the team. At the time, the company had only two employees, and today has its offices in Brno and Prague (the Czech Republic), Bratislava and Kosice (Slovakia), London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain). Forbes awarded us as the most successful Czech startup, and throughout all these years, we reached the point of having more than a thousand employees spread all over the world! 

How is it to be a part of

Our core Engineering team has almost 500 people employed worldwide and spread in various teams: Search, Backend, Frontend, Fintech, Booking, MMB, etc. We count 178TB of incoming data every day, 1 billion database updates per hour, and 2,5 billion raw flights combined every two hours. 

We support workplace freedom but also the freedom to try new things and unleash ambitions (our engineers excel at worldwide conferences). We build friendly working relationships with people in the office and encourage flexible time schedules and home offices. We're not afraid of making mistakes and we like to say: fail, learn, repeat. All the work we do is meaningful work where we all learn and challenge ourselves. Our offices are well-organized chaos of people (and dogs) of various origins, with crazy hobbies, lifestyles, and life approach. 

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