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Customer Support Representative

28 000 Kč - 38 000 Kč měsíčněPřidáno: Úno. 18, 2021

Whenever our clients have questions relating to our CloudTalk app, the Customer Support L1 team is the first point of contact between the client and our company. Our team wears this as a badge of honor. Representing the company proudly and maintaining a lasting relationship with clients, that's not for everyone! You will succeed in this role if you have a client-first mindset and enjoy working in a truly fast paced, international environment. This is an entry level role so don't worry, we'll teach you all you need to know.

What you will do:

  • Provide technical support in CloudTalk app to existing and new clients ,
  • Building and maintaining a great relationship with customers,
  • Communicate with clients from various backgrounds, nationalities and cultures,
  • Contribute to improving our technical documentation and knowledge base,  troubleshooting the documentation for both internal purposes and clients,
  • Represent CloudTalk proudly and professionally,
  • Contribute to CloudTalk app’s continuous improvement.

Working hours are between 8:00-16:00 daily

What we are looking for:

  • You are able to take ownership over your work,
  • You are proactive, not only reactive,
  • You enjoy problem solving,
  • You'll take the extra step to help the client,
  • You speak English fluently, Slovak is not a necessity.
  • You are hungry for knowledge,
  • Critical thinking and ability to take a stand,
  • New technologies are close to your heart.
  • You are a professional that enjoys working with people.
  • Compassion and empathy are some of your top personality traits.

What else can we offer at CloudTalk:

  • Being part of a great team building a world-class product,
  • A family atmosphere and a small team where everyone can stand out,
  • An opportunity to grow and achieve great things,
  • Both remote and office (Bratislava/Prague) work are possible,
  • Your own MacBook,
  • Quarterly bonuses depending on the performance of the company,
  • Referral bonus
  • We try to give back to the community by sharing our learnings - Take a look at our blog.

About CloudTalk:

CloudTalk is a modern and user friendly cloud telephony solution which disrupts the $50 billion stagnant telephony market. Through our easy integrability and advanced features, CloudTalk saves 2-3 minutes on every phone call! Our solution is loved by customer support and sales teams all over the world. We can, of course, back this bold claim with data - CapterraPipedrive MarketplaceG2. We have recently raised $7.3 million in Series A funding, adding to our seed investment of $1.6 millionin 2019.

We believe in connecting the world not only through technology but also through people. CloudTalk’s 60+ employees of 11 nationalities work remotely from Europe, Asia and South America. With our clients spanning industries like SaaS, e-commerce, tech and finance, we work with companies such as Fujitsu, Mercedes, Oyo or the Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic.


We’re fixing the future of voice.

CloudTalk creates meaningful products to enhance your communication and to make the phone channel an asset to your business and to your customers. Plus we help companies to know about their customers more information so they can scale more easily.

With CloudTalk, you can deliver exceptional customer support to your clients. Whether you employ several busy agents or handle phone calls rather rarely, CloudTalk will fully adapt to your needs and size of your business.

The only thing you need is internet access. Integration into your existing helpdesk, e-commerce or CRM solutions, international phone numbers and many other features of a first-class call center will make your work more efficient and boost satisfaction of your clients.